Ep. 1:

I totally forgot what day it was when I came home from work and saw my gorgeous step-mother dressed up. Porque She was surprised that I forgot, she doesn’t know I’ve had my mind on a girl from work. No obstante It’s easy to forget what day of the week it is when Cherie is on my mind, remembering a holiday is next to impossible…. 

Ep. 2:

I’ve always wanted a girl that was crazy about me, but my girlfriend, Cherie is taking that to a whole new level. No obstante She knocks on my door and I was surprised to see her. Did I ever give her the address to my step-mom’s house? Porque How does she know where I live? These thoughts run through my mind as she… 

Ep. 3:

No obstante I didn’t think it was so wrong to keep my relationships separate, at least for a couple of days until I could wrap my head around what in the hell I’m doing. Porque I just had sex with my step-mom, something I’ve fantasized about over and over, endless times. No obstante That fantasy became a reality and now we’re acting…