Homemade Ebony Sex Tapes Vol. 2

Black sluts decide to break out the camcorder and record how good of a fuck they really are. Their sexy chocolate bodies getting violated by white cocks turns them on so much that they archive the footage to use for future sexual endeavors!

Malaysia Slick – Fill Me Up

Malaysia was a little freak we were lucky enough to encounter in this week’s Black GF’s sextape. Her boyfriend came in on her while she was sleeping and woke her up. Malaysia was still in her comfy bed lingerie, which included a thong, so we got a nice look at that HOT ass. She was a little shy and not really in the mood, but her BF changed her opinion when he started rubbing her tits and pussy. In no time, Malaysia was into it and fingering her asshole while her BF played with her pussy and got it soaking wet. It was intense! The foreplay got them heated up, so when her BF pulled out his cock, Malaysia got right to it and started sucking away. She gave some amazing head, and the fact that she was really cute only made it that much hotter. By then her BF was dying to get in that pussy, so he turned her around and started stroking it deep in doggy style. Malaysia loved it, and you’ll love watching this slim black beauty taking that dick from all angles. She was crazy sexy and had him cumming loads. Malaysia’s guaranteed to do the same for you too. You can thank us later!

Naomi Gamble – Legs Up

Naomi Gamble was a hot big-booty Black GF we fell in love with right form the start of this one. And while it may have been cold and rainy outside, she was heating things up inside with her sexy mini-skirt. After doing the dishes, her man asked her if she could flash him. And while Naomi Gamble was hesitant at first, she lifted her top and exposed her hot tits. Her man kept pushing for a sextape, and Naomi eventually gave in. Her BF pulled out his cock, and Naomi started sucking away on it with those amazing dick-sucking lips. Then her BF pounded that hot chocolate pussy all over the bed, and Naomi Gamble loved it. He turned her around and stroked that snatch deep in doggy style too before she got on top and rode that dick like only a freaky black girl could. It was a thing of beauty watching that hot ass bounce up and down and all around, as he worked that pussy like it was no one’s business. In the end, he pulled out and busted his load all over Naomi’s gorgeous face, which only made the facial that much better. Naomi was a cute and foxy lady you won’t forget anytime soon.

Molleuex Au Chocolat – In Deep

When Molle came home, she was looking good, and her man already had his camera out to record her. It was their anniversary, and she had wanted to surprise him, so she’d gone by the lingerie shop on the way home from work to get something really naughty. But being that he’d seen the bag, the surprise was already known, so he asked her instead to model it for him while he filmed her. Molle hesitantly agreed and went into the bathroom to change. When she came out, we were all blown away! This sexy black girl had her titties and ass in perfect view because the outfit was fitted to be crotchless and exposed up top. Her man laid the flattery on thick, so when he suggested they mess around on camera, Molle went for it. She started sucking that cock, and it was amazing. Molle had some luscious dick-sucking lips and mad skills at giving head. Then she spread that sweet pussy wide open for her man to enter. He pounded that HOT snatch deep and hard from various angles, and Molle loved it. The doggy style in this one will have you howling. When that pussy proved too hot to handle, her man pulled out and busted his load all over her sexy body and hot tits. Molle was one wild Black GF you won’t want to miss!

Karma May – Bad Ass Karma

Karma was a hot girlfriend that enlightened us with her sexiness. When this video started out, her man was filming her as she dug through the fridge. He told her that he’d found a box in the closet and wanted to know what it was because they’d agreed to try and budget. But when Karma told him that it was a gift of lingerie, he was all about keeping it. Initially, she didn’t want to show it to him because she was upset that he’d gone through her stuff. But when he told her he’d gotten her a sparkly gift, Karma ran to the room to show him the lingerie she’d gotten. She brought this HOT see-through outfit, stripped naked in the living room and put it on. This babe was smoking. We were just blown away by how fine she was. And while her man loved the outfit, he couldn’t wait to get it off. He started to play with Karma’s pussy, and she got into it. Next thing we knew, she was down on her knees sucking that dick amazingly. This black girl had skills like no other. Her man was super heated and couldn’t take anymore. He turned her around and buried his cock in that pussy from behind in doggy style. That snatch looked crazy tight, as he pounded it from multiple angles. Karma loved it, and when he was ready to cum, she jerked out every last drop. Now that’s what you call good Karma!

Ava Sanchez – Soaking In The Cum

Ava and her BF took a trip south to get out of the snow and get some beach time. It had been a while, so Ava was really excited when they could finally see the water from the highway. Her boyfriend, however, was more interested in her nice ebony tits. He had his camera out, and as they waited for a drawbridge, asked for a little titty flash. After some hesitation, Ava gave a quick peak. Her boobs were big and beautiful, and we couldn’t wait to see more of them. About then, he cut the video. When we caught up to them again, they were out on the sand. Ava had on a thong bikini, and that booty was insane. It was big, bubbly and guaranteed a good time. After the beach, there was a long walk back to the car, and we loved every moment. Ava wanted to get a bite to eat, but they headed back to the room they’d rented first for a little alone time. There Ava stripped down, got on her knees and started sucking her man off. This ebony babe gave a blowjob like no other. Then she turned that big booty around, and her BF tagged that pussy from behind. It was a thing of beauty watching that body get worked. When her man couldn’t take anymore, he pulled out and blew an insane load that shot all the way up Ava’s stomach and tits to her face. No doubt, Ava will have you busting like you were breaking Olympic records.

Ashley Luvbug – Gimme That Ass

Ashley was a super cute ebony girlfriend we had the hots for right from the start of this one. When her boyfriend walked in on her while she was showering, we knew it was going to be a great video. Ashley was playful and didn’t care too much about it. As she stepped out of the shower, we got a nice look at her perfect tits, slim waist, and smoking hot ass. Ashley put on her cute bathrobe and glasses, and she looked crazy sexy. Her BF promised that he wouldn’t show anyone the video, but Ashley wasn’t convinced. Yet after some more coercion, she gave in, and his cock came out. Ashley wasted no time shoving into her mouth and down her throat, as she sucked away on it. This girlfriend was a pro at giving head, and we couldn’t wait to see more. Ashley knew just how to take it to the next level, as she turned around and offered that ass and pussy up for a stroking. She worked that dick deep in doggystyle and gave us a perfect view. Her man stroked that pussy good before Ashley got on top and worked it like the freak she was. It was so hot watching that ass bounce up and down on that cock. When her man was ready to bust, he told her, and Ashley jumped down, jerked him off, and took a load to that gorgeous face. You won’t want to miss one second of this hottie in action!

Released : Oct 18 2016

Malaysia Slick
Naomi Gamble
Molleuex Au Chocolat
Karma May
Ava Sanchez
Ashley Luvbug

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