Still In Love

MomXXX proudly presentsStill In Love -5 scenes where mature and grown women still have that passion and bursting fire within. See how Meggie dates twice, and Steve who gets 4 of the 5 ladies on that dvd! You’ll appreciate multi-orgasmic Uma: tight and always ready to get on! Enjoy!

Caroline – I Want You Inside

It’s one thing for a lady like Caroline to make eyes at you from across a crowded room at a cocktail party. That’s just wanting you from the outside. However, when she walks up alongside you at the bar and whispers in your ear, “I want you inside” it never takes more than a few moments for her new sexual target to take her up on that kind of offer! Here she is in the hotel suite moaning out a melodic orgasm as Steve takes her inside and out in creampie fashion!

Gina Monelli – Close Encounters Of The MOM Kind No.3

Slender blonde MILF, Gina Monelli, dressed in a provocative fishnet and string bikini ensemble, is paired with Steve for this hot erotic session. The horny couple make out for a bit, Steve rubbing her tight shaved pussy through her bikini, soon pushing the fabric out of the way so he can rub her clit. Her outfit is soon coming off, revealing her tight, toned body and perky breasts, and Steve gets to work, going down on her, teasing her engorged pussy with his tongue. Gina gives Steve a blowjob and the pair orally please each other for a bit before moving along to fucking, Gina cumming multiple times in the process, before Steve finishes off with a creampie cumshot on Gina’s pussy.

Meggie – Am I Too Old

Sexy mom Meggie might wonder if she is too old for Steve, but you can see she’s not, as they have a super hot and intimate romp session for you to enjoy. It starts with Steve pleasuring Meggie, rubbing her tight body, and expertly licking her MILF pussy. Then Meggie sucks his cock for awhile as he moans with pleasure. Then the pounding begins. Steve sticks his cock in Meggie’s pussy and pounds away until they are both moaning and gazing into each other’s eyes, going into that far away sex brain headspace with eachother.

Uma – I Love Multiple Orgasms

Uma is a very special woman, for most of her life she endured sex as something to please men. But as as she got older she finally found her pleasure was more important. Maybe it was the years without orgasm. But now she can’t stop. If there is one REAL woman you need to see having REAL orgasms, this is the one!

Meggie – Let Me Make You Feel Good

Meggie is a tired mom. Like most MILFs, she has to work hard to find balance in life. Radek is a person who helps her with that. He loves making her feel pleasure, to help the worries of the day slip away. They make out sensually, caressing each other’s bodies, and Meggie feels a surge of energy to her pussy. That’s all it takes to turn her on with Radek, his strong arms around her and his sexy mouth on hers, giving a hint as to what is to come.


Gina Monelli

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